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Open Cases

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Name: April Gullett Brown
Status: missing
Missing since: 2001-07-06
FACES Num: 309
Case Num: 2001-00021410
Location: Mooringsport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana
Name: Walter Lee Brown
Status: missing
Missing since: 1993-06-11
FACES Num: 403
Case Num: F-12245-93
Alt. Case Num: M143518933
Location: Marrero, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: Doris Brown Sr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 1996/05/22
FACES Num: 627
Case Num: E-1251-96
Alt. Case Num: M362565970
Location: Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
Name: Evans R Brown
Status: missing
Missing since: 2021-04-29
FACES Num: 1035
Case Num: E09807-21
Alt. Case Num: M096277374
Location: Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: Christopher Brown
Status: missing
Missing since: 2020-04-28
FACES Num: 915
Case Num: 37003-20
Alt. Case Num: M485755098
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Robert Fulton "Bob" Browning
Status: missing
Missing since: 1989-11-20
FACES Num: 483
Case Num: 89-17284
Alt. Case Num: M402661824
Location: Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
Name: Julie Renee "Gann" Brumfield
Status: missing
Missing since: 1994-09-12
FACES Num: 516
Case Num: 9-2551-94
Alt. Case Num: M768254197
Location: Abita Springs, St. Tammany, Louisiana
Name: Frazier K Brumfield
Status: missing
Missing since: 2021-05-30
FACES Num: 1033
Case Num: 2021-012506
Alt. Case Num: M566266590
Location: Hammond, Tangipahoa, Louisiana
Name: Syble Brumley
Status: missing
Missing since: 1997-04-28
FACES Num: 169
Case Num: 97-04293
Alt. Case Num: M021027873
Location: Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana
Name: William S Bryan
Status: missing
Missing since: 2021-01-08
FACES Num: 1042
Case Num: 11057-21
Alt. Case Num: M716132848
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana