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Open Cases

Found 722 records. Showing 531-540.

Name: Carlton Dewayne "Vallo, Jr." Vallo
Status: missing
Missing since: 2022-09-02
FACES Num: 1119
Case Num: 2022-32700
Alt. Case Num: M646970095
Location: Ascension Parish, Louisiana
Name: Manuel "Manuel R. Floress" Vargas
Status: missing
Missing since: 1988-09-13
FACES Num: 462
Case Num: B-10042-89
Alt. Case Num: M672287999
Location: Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: Josuan Dariel Vargas-Medina
Status: missing
Missing since: 2016-09-16
FACES Num: 772
Case Num: 16310589
Alt. Case Num: M113502890
Location: Scott, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
Name: Gilbert Veal, Jr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 2019-01-01
FACES Num: 1125
Case Num: 85438-22
Alt. Case Num: M596988254
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Gregory Alonzo "Greg" Vice Jr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 2000-03-21
FACES Num: 166
Case Num: 300914
Alt. Case Num: M360607944
Location: Bossier City, Bossier Parish, Louisiana
Name: Lester Ray Walker
Status: missing
Missing since: 1989-03-01
FACES Num: 729
Case Num: 0500389
Alt. Case Num: M352521320
Location: Homer, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
Name: Penelope Walker
Status: missing
Missing since: 1990-01-01
FACES Num: 1188
Case Num: 23-035487
Alt. Case Num: M387262378
Location: Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana
Name: Jonedwin Joseph Wallace
Status: missing
Missing since: 2014-07-18
FACES Num: 650
Case Num: 14-07247
Alt. Case Num: M322097221
Location: Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Jennifer Marie Walters
Status: missing
Missing since: 2022-12-27
FACES Num: 1223
Case Num: 2023-S0630
Alt. Case Num: M557159487
Location: Albany, Livingston Parish, Louisiana
Name: James R Warren
Status: missing
Missing since: 2004-12-12
FACES Num: 696
Case Num: 041200237
Alt. Case Num: M024641608
Location: Colfax, Grant Parish, Louisiana