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The LA Repository for Missing and Unidentified Persons Information Program website provides a way to search Louisiana's database of missing and unidentified people. The site contains content that may be unsuitable for some audiences. Images of reconstructions are intended to be approximate representations, and case information is subject to change. By entering the site you agree that you are 18 or older and that you understand these conditions.

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Open Cases

Found 633 records. Showing 211-220.

Name: Sharon Hensley
Status: missing
Missing since: 1973-02-01
FACES Num: 588
Case Num: S2013-3860
Alt. Case Num: M281405737
Location: Louisiana
Name: Edward J. Hergert
Status: missing
Missing since: 2008-01-12
FACES Num: 433
Case Num: A-12947-08
Alt. Case Num: M667085190
Location: Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: Casey Dee Herring
Status: missing
Missing since: 2009-10-25
FACES Num: 539
Case Num: 2009-025384
Alt. Case Num: M758441905
Location: Natchez, Mississippi
Name: Tonya Michelle "Allbritton" Herrington
Status: missing
Missing since: 1996-06-07
FACES Num: 308
Case Num: 96-0600054
Alt. Case Num: M034504602
Location: Wisner, Franklin Parish, Louisiana
Name: Heather Raquel Holliday
Status: missing
Missing since: 2006-12-20
FACES Num: 369
Case Num: 2007-020078
Alt. Case Num: M176348261
Location: Ramah, Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Name: Charles L Hollies
Status: missing
Missing since: 2017-02-28
FACES Num: 796
Case Num: 22461-17
Alt. Case Num: M243756861
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Kathy Holliway
Status: missing
Missing since: 1994-06-00
FACES Num: 39
Location: Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
Name: Isaac Ray Howard
Status: missing
Missing since: 1998-05-28
FACES Num: 128
Case Num: 98-17795
Alt. Case Num: M126988169
Location: St. Rose, Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana
Name: Thomas Wayne "Billy Hurst, Wayne" Hurst
Status: missing
Missing since: 1997-09-12
FACES Num: 486
Case Num: 100-081
Location: Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: William Edward "Billy" Husser
Status: missing
Missing since: 2010-12-29
FACES Num: 623
Case Num: 8907113
Alt. Case Num: W494259999
Location: Covington, Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana