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Open Cases

Found 633 records. Showing 111-120.

Name: Richard Jerry Davidson Jr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 2003-01-01
FACES Num: 389
Case Num: 04-009713
Alt. Case Num: M553899209
Location: Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
Name: Erin Michelle Hover Davis
Status: missing
Missing since: 2002-06-22
FACES Num: 393
Case Num: 2002-06-0482
Alt. Case Num: M862511059
Location: Nicholson, Pearl River County, Mississippi
Name: John Davis Jr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 2006-01-14
FACES Num: 331
Case Num: 6009-06
Alt. Case Num: M665450579
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Robert Earl "Mook" Davis
Status: missing
Missing since: 2002-11-28
FACES Num: 439
Case Num: 2002-032
Alt. Case Num: M092890366
Location: Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Name: Nahendra Faye Davis
Status: missing
Missing since: 2018-12-27
FACES Num: 763
Case Num: 18-0059
Alt. Case Num: M594943721
Location: Baker, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Keith Davis
Status: missing
Missing since: 2019-09-18
FACES Num: 950
Case Num: 19-47944
Alt. Case Num: M275378276
Location: Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
Name: George Alfred "Joe Hillard, George Alvert Davisworth" Davisworth III
Status: missing
Missing since: 1985-10-25
FACES Num: 420
Case Num: 1999016782
Alt. Case Num: M330302075
Location: Houston, Texas
Name: Clarence Wayne "Pete" Dellis
Status: missing
Missing since: 1980-01-25
FACES Num: 311
Case Num: M8802001
Alt. Case Num: M4069031968
Location: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Name: Wilson Demars Jr.
Status: missing
Missing since: 1988/06/13
FACES Num: 626
Case Num: 88-06002-01
Alt. Case Num: M308709245
Location: Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
Name: Kelvin Nusu "Shoes" Dennis
Status: missing
Missing since: 1999-03-30
FACES Num: 354
Case Num: 04-0873-99
Location: Houma, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana