Have you seen
Timothy Clay "Tarver II" Tarver Jr.?

Missing since: 2019-03-30
Date of Birth: 1985-11-27
Race: White
Eye color: Blue, Hazel
Height: 70 to 72 inches
Weight: 175 to 195 pounds
Details: Tattoo of 'Beast 51' and 'Mode 50' on insides of both upper arms, tattoo of 'skull' with 'automatic rifles' below on right calf, tattoo of five individual 'stars' on both shoulders. Last seen wearing a white t-shirt with a skull on it, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Last seen walking in the area of LA 107 and the Centerpoint.
Have information? Please contact the FACES Lab:
(225) 578-4761
or Avoyelles Parish Sheriff's Office 318-253-4086