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Missing Persons Cases in Louisiana

Found 535 records. Showing 321-330.

Name: Nathaniel Lee Melancon
Status: missing
Missing since: 2022-03-29
FACES Num: 1113
Case Num: 2022-40103
Alt. Case Num: M966729438
Location: Grand Coteau, Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana
Name: Michael Ray Merideth
Status: missing
Missing since: 2012-12-18
FACES Num: 709
Case Num: 0212002585
Alt. Case Num: M821105728
Location: Saline, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
Name: Anand N Merle
Status: missing
Missing since: 2021-02-23
FACES Num: 1198
Case Num: B6185323
Alt. Case Num: M217196748
Location: Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Name: John Mestayer
Status: missing
Missing since: 1985-04-09
FACES Num: 829
Case Num: 85-00832
Alt. Case Num: M151667133
Location: East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Wade Lee Miller
Status: missing
FACES Num: 68
Location: possibly Lafayette, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
Name: Daniel Gregory Miller
Status: missing
Missing since: 2007-05-02
FACES Num: 505
Case Num: E-00032-07
Alt. Case Num: M796563634
Location: Oberlin, Allen Parish, Louisiana
Name: George Coleman Miller
Status: missing
Missing since: 2022-11-19
FACES Num: MP1180
Case Num: 113443-22
Alt. Case Num: M937092393
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Lewis Andrew Mills
Status: missing
Missing since: 2010-12-20
FACES Num: 683
Case Num: 2010-013440
Alt. Case Num: M099266078
Location: Patterson, Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana
Name: Yanier Miranda-Sanchez
Status: missing
Missing since: 2019-03-20
FACES Num: 809
Case Num: 23745-19
Alt. Case Num: M735046255
Location: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Name: Audrey Alta Moate
Status: missing
Missing since: 1956-11-24
FACES Num: 454
Location: Laplace, Saint John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana